Instruction for the rating script

Hello visitor, here is my little instruction. All texts of this website are in German but maybe you want to participate a bit nevertheless.

The Episode Guide  (Episodenguide)
This guide consists of three parts: the season overviews, the episode listings and the single pages with the detailed episode descriptions.  (click on the thumbnails for larger views)

Season Overview Episode List Episode Description  


 On the Season Overview you'll find a list of all seasons. Click on a season link (in the example circled in green and marked with an "A") and than you'll get on the episode list.

●  The Episode Lists are containing the German and the original titles as well as numberings of the episodes. These consecutively numbers (in the example marked with "B") are links to the detailed episode descriptions.

 The Episode Descriptions are containing the rating scripts. Scroll a bit down and than you'll find the fields with the stars. Place your mouse over the below blank stars (example "E") and click.
With the arrows (example "D") you can go to the previous or next episode page and by clicking on the link "Episodenliste" (example "C") you will get back to the respective episode list.